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The Shift Work

every journey begins with a first step...

The Scarlett Shift

"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step" ~Herman Hesse

PAUSE...for the cause

Seriously WTF IS GOING ON! Breathe in the truth- IS it time for a shift? Am I ready? What's blocking me? What holds me back? How will I know? 

The Scarlett Shift get grounded, and discover your roots through personal experiences, history and goals with:


Once we decide, actually make the conscious choice to shift, we have already begun the journey...we are then "on the path" to healing, health and a happier being.

Now what...? Back to basics of course! 

<<< Step into it 

...touch the stepping STONES and begin

The Shifted Nipple

just BREATHE >

featuring "I can-COPE: From A Survivor's Perspective" Practices/Programs/Retreats/Workshops  

The tips, the tricks, the TUFF TITTIE TOXX

The facts, the FAQ, the "oh [email protected]!!"

A personal guided tour through a breast cancer journey, past the BLUE BOOBY and beyond to SOUL SURVIVOR 

Shift happens >>>

...touch the STONES and keep on keepin" on 

The Shifted Senses

...<>~ shift

The medicines, medications and meditation, becoming response-able for one's own being

<<< Expanding capacities...

touch the STONES and <BREATHE> 

The Shifted Spaces

shifting ...<>~

the body is our temple, "interior" design, remodel the inner spaces, refresh your spirit


reflect, refocus, redirect


Exploring the "containers" of ourselves >>>

...touch the STONES to "Inner-stand"

The Shifted Sanctuary

...<>~ ​shifted

world-wide live and virtual retreats and workshops

retreat, recoup, recharge

<<< Experience living alive...

touch the STONES and LIVE~A~LIVE

The Shifted Soul

author~ an unexpected shift

course creator, bestselling author and inspired writer

Expressions of self >>>

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A wellness consortium


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service, levelling up, lifting up, out of the mud, Shit Shift, shadow work, support, upset face, poop emoji, event horizon, ninja mask...pfftt we got this!

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